Our service

IT Support Services

We offer technical support to companies for maintaining the our software solutions. We offer assistance with implementing software, including upgrades and new software versions.

Trading platforms systems and UI (Metaquotes WL)

Maroon Technologies works with financial service providers and traders to bring a market leading software solution to a streamlined trading experience. Our strategy is closely aligned with our customers, and we assess their needs before setting objectives.  


Protecting our client’s data is our top-most priority, and we offer trading options that are fast and secure. With trading alerts and instant updates, we keep companies well-informed on new market trends and developments.

CRM Software

Our CRM solutions are designed to help companies manage their customer relations in dynamic and competitive markets. With our software tools, you can view and manage entire customer lifecycles while keeping track of customer data. Equipped with analytics, we help companies identify business opportunities and improve customer-related services.


We can ensure your business operates at optimal efficiency, from managing customer data to multiple currency payments.

Marketing and Advertising Services

To survive in competitive markets, companies need a marketing strategy that delivers results, and that is our point of focus. We offer marketing and advertising services across various platforms, including digital and content marketing. Specialized tools allow us to analyze marketing data and help devise strategies that work.


We help companies through consistent and optimized content aligned with the company’s brand identity.

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